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Study Advice For Midterms Times

The seasons of late night cramming, essay writing, lab reporting and a lot of stress. You guessed it. With the arrival of October, so comes the arrival of the dreaded and feared “midterm”.

It can be really easy to become overwhelmed with stress over them, especially if it’s your first year and you’re not entirely used to your new university workload yet. Don’t worry. Whether you’re scared stiff for them or just need some tips for how to tackle and conquer them, these are some tips to help you not only study successfully for them, but also to survive the plague of stress that mid-October seems to bring to us all

Make A Study Schedule

I know, this probably seems like the most boring and cliché thing to do, but trust me when I say that it works. Take a look at all of the work you have to do for each of your classes, and which ones have midterm exams or tests that need to be studied for. Make a list and write it out on a white board or calendar (whichever, as long as you can see it and refer to it quickly) and plan your time out accordingly. If you have a class that you know you struggle with, set a little more time aside for it then the others. By prioritizing and having a reference for all of the work that you need to do, you’ll be able to take each essay and exam one step at a time, and finish everything fully, without feeling like you had to rush.

Make Time For YOU

The worst thing you can do is stress out to the point that you find yourself restless and unable to remember what you’ve even studied. I know it feels like you need to focus 100% of your energy on school, especially during exam time. But it is really crucial that you take a little bit of time each day just for you. Set aside an hour to watch your favorite TV shows. Take some time to get some exercise and go for a long walk; it’ll clear your head and fresh air will do you tons of good. Just find something that is just for you. If you do, you’ll find that’ll help you in the long run.

Flashcards Are Your Friend

It doesn’t matter whether you’re studying for a Biology exam or an English exam — flashcards can be your best friend. If you need a way to learn and memorize definitions, terms or facts, use these. They are a portable study tool you can take with you anywhere, and they are a perfect way to test yourself on all the things you need to know by exam day. Some people may not have the time (or just don’t want to) buy a huge pack of flash cards and write all of them out. That’s okay! There are different computer programs and apps that can make them virtually for you! You just enter the information in and — voila! — you have your own set of handy study materials.


What is probably the most effective way to relieve midterm stress is the one that everybody seems to forget about: SLEEP. We’ve all been there — we’re nervous about not being prepared to take a test, or an essay isn’t done and the due date is creeping up. So instead of going to sleep at all, we pull an “all-nighter” instead. This is by far the worst thing you can do to yourself. You need sleep for your body to recharge and your mind to rest. If you go into a midterm after a sleepless night, you’re going to be so tired and unfocused that it is likely you will not do as well as you could have, had you gotten the proper amount of sleep. If you prioritize your time well, and study a little bit each night, you will still be able to get the precious hours of sleep that both you and your body need, and will still be successful when exam day approaches. Sometimes midterms can be really overwhelming, and they are stressful. But if you follow these tips and study hard, you will find that you will get the results that you’re hoping for! Good luck!

The best thing to do is to contact the colleges you are looking at attending and asking them for any information on the scholarships they offer. You might be able to get a scholarship from the college directly. Your high school guidance counsellor is another great source of information. They will likely have information on local scholarships you could get in touch with. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, that’s what they’re there for. Lastly, take the initiative and have a look online. Once you have a better understanding of the type of private scholarships you are looking for you can search for what is on offer, not just in your local area or state, but internationally as well.

Scholarships Based On Academic Merit

When looking for scholarships, the best thing to do is to search for them based on academic merit. Often institutional academic scholarships are divided into various levels depending on GPA (grade point average), which can also be affecting by SAT or ACT scores. The higher your grades, the more you can typically obtain. So, make sure you check your facts, as even if you are not eligible for the highest level scholarship, you may still qualify for a lower level one. The requirements for private scholarships can vary, so don’t rule anything out.

Athletic Scholarships

If you are particularly good at sports you may qualify for an athletic scholarship. Colleges or universities which are well known for their sports programs will often have athletic scholarships you can look into. However, don’t rule out private scholarships as there are several athletic scholarships offered privately as well.

Other Scholarships

The most well known scholarships are those based on academic merit or sports. There are, however, other scholarships out there worth looking into. If you come from a low-income family you can apply for need-based scholarships. These can be the most competitive and may require you to provide proof of your family’s income. There are also service-based scholarships, which are mainly offered by private organizations. Requirements vary, but it can range from providing a service to a cause or being active in your local community.

As you can tell, requirements for scholarships can vary greatly. So, if your grades aren’t the best, there could still be other scholarships you qualify for. Don’t give up and keep looking, there is something out there for everyone.