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List For College Success

So, here is a list to start you out on your journey to succeed in college and at the university level. It is not the bible, but it is a good start for those of you who are incoming freshman or who are struggling with passing classes.

Show Up To Class

I know this is hard for some, but I guarantee if you are in class everyday you will succeed (if you are in class playing games or surfing the web on your laptop I cannot guarantee success). Many professors give participation points for showing up which often account for 10% of your grade, an easy way to go from a B to an A or a D to a C. Also, professors make announcements in class about extra credit, tell you when a topic will be on a test, and give reviews before the exams all which if you miss will certainly lower your grade.

Find A Group Of Friends To Study With

I never used to do this personally, but towards the end of my college career I started to and it made a world of difference. Split up the studying and share study-guides, or ask a friend if they know the answer instead of looking it up yourself. Also, answering other people’s questions really helps you to remember important topics and concepts as they are more likely to be stored to your memory when you are forced to regurgitate them over and over.


Today so few of us actually read the books. Why? Because we don’t have time to read? Actually yes, but the problem is not that “we don’t have time” it is that we don’t make time. So make the time to read as much of the book as possible, and stay on top of it, once you are 4 chapters behind it is hard to catch up. (Advice – read the summary at the end of the chapter before starting the chapter; read the first sentence or two of each paragraph and then decide whether this paragraph is worth reading or, something you already know; even split the chapter up with a friend and teach each other!)

Talk To Your Professors!

I can’t tell you how many grades I got that I did not deserve, just because I made friends with the professor. They are there to help you, not to fail you. If they see you trying then they will find a way to pass you. And besides most of them are pretty cool and all of them are exceptionally knowledgeable. Don’t forget to ask for their recommendations on things you are dealing with in your professional life either. If you are looking for an internship or some directional advice they can help.

Talk To Advisors

One common reason students do not graduate on time is that they are not taking the right classes. Make it a point to go to the university advisors once a semester to confirm you are on track to graduate. I know a ton of people that spent an extra year in college because they did not know they had to take a prerequisite, or that the class they needed to take was only taught during the fall semester. It is not only expensive not to go to the advisors, but also robs us of time, one of the most precious things we have in life.

Limit Your Facebook Time!

Ever caught yourself surfing Facebook – chatting, looking at an endless supply or pictures, or reading other people updates? Yup! Me too! It’s addicting and it’s getting us in trouble. Research proves that students who use Facebook consistently get lower scores on exams. Why? Because we never find time to study; because we start writing our paper then get distracted and caught on Facebook for an hour. So stray away! limit your time to 30 minutes per day, enough time to update, check what people are doing and respond to any messages you have.

Become A Good Test Taker

College is all about how well you test so get good at it. Study hard for your tests, make study guides, make friends who make study guides, try to find a study guide, whatever you do, study!

Do Your Homework

Some professors will give a lot of points out in homework assignments and doing them can drastically improve or hurt your grade. I’ve failed tests and still passed classes just because I did all the homework.

Start Writing

A lot of us struggle with writing papers. So how do you improve? Just start writing, it doesn’t matter if it is good just put something down. A good way to go about this is to get down a few main thoughts you want to touch on then go back to the first one and start expanding on it, when you get stuck go to the next one and start expanding on it, and so on. Before you know it you will have 3 pages of pretty good content. And always remember that it will never be perfect the first time, Mozart did not write great symphonies without erasing a note, and neither will you.

Stay Positive

The most important factor to your success is positivity. If you stay positive and believe you can do it, you will. School can be a drag, I know, I wanted to quit school too many times to count. It isn’t easy, but most things that are worth doing aren’t. You will never regret studying hard or staying up all night to finish a paper, but you will always regret not having a college degree.

So go find friends to study with, make flash cards, read the chapters, go to class, talk to your professors and work hard. All these things will help you to pass your tests which will allow you to pass your classes and graduate college. Oh yea, and check out Internet and see if there is something we have that can help you pass your classes. If not post your stuff and make money off the schoolwork you spend so much time on.

Never forget that life is a journey; you can achieve great things no matter who you are, just depends which path you choose to take.